Hormone Pellet Therapy

Healthy Aging

We now offer hormone replacement therapy(bio-identical hormone replacement) with pellets as well as hormone optimization. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT) is a method of boosting your natural testosterone production, giving you a steady and optimized level. Bio-identical hormones are structurally identical to those made by the body.

Testosterone is NOT a male exclusive hormone.

Low testosterone in both men and women increases the risk of alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis , diabetes mellitus and sarcopenia.

What are hormone pellets?

Hormone pellets are pure molecules of the hormones testosterone and estradiol compressed into small mint-sized pellets .

How are Pellets administered and how do they work?

The pellets are implanted in the office under the skin during a small painless procedure, through a small insertion on the upper buttock. The hormones (pellets) are absorbed based on Cardiac Output, not time released. The procedure is recommended every 5-6 months for men and every 3-4 months for women.

Advantage of hormone pellet therapy

Maintains a steady state of hormones with no roller coaster effect and it is very convenient.

Hormone optimization with pellets could be life changing for both men and women. Our practitioner is certified in hormone pellet therapy. Call us today with your questions!