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Cocktail Menu

All our cocktails are specifically tailored to replenish electrolyte loss and restore cell volume. They also will treat your specific symptoms as discussed with our board certified professional. We have made all our cocktails easy to add more vitamins and minerals to your initial pick. Restoration of volume through hydration with IV fluids is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and malaise.


Alcohol consumption increases stomach acid production and decreases gastric motility causing abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms. Let us do what we are trained to do for you while you relax in our state-of-the-art suit or anywhere of your choosing. We will come to you.

  • Electroplenish: Feeling sluggish this morning after a night out drinking with friends. Replenish fluids and electrolytes to get you feeling better faster.
    1000ml Saline over 60min, magnesium, multivitamins. $ 175.
  • The Pre-Hangout: Stay ahead of the curve with our pre hangout hydration. By pre-hydrating, you can mitigate the cause and symptoms of hangover. The B complex vitamins will give you the extra energy you need throughout your fun. 500ml Saline plus B complex vitamins. $ 125.
  • The Myer’s Cocktail: Studies have found that the Myer’s cocktail helps with low energy, chronic fatigue, depression/anxiety, athletic performance, and hangover symptoms. Vitamins C, B complex and B12, magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, calcium, B complex ,glutathione ,1000ml saline. $280

Your wellness (the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.) is your sole responsibility. We are on your side anytime anywhere and any day.

  • Electroplenish: Get the volume and electrolytes needed. 500ml Saline & B complex vitamins $125
  • Virility Boost( Libido): Improve sex drive and stamina. Blood flow to the reproductive organs and sperm production is improved with the body having essential amino acids and antioxidants, the appropriate PH. 500ml Saline, amino acids glutamine, L- arginine, Lysine, citrulline, Carnitine, and Vitamin C, Biotin, and Vitamin B complex.$199
  • Virility Plus: Promote and improve reductive health. Helps with male fertility( sperm motility) while improving libido and stamina.B-complex, Carnitine, Multi trace, Zinc, B12, Vitamin D injection, Amino acids, MIC, Vitamin C, Acetyl-cysteine, citrulline, IV iron. 1L Saline.$299
  • Recovery plus: Improve wound healing and cellular regeneration. Helps with reducing inflammation and boosts collagen production. Magnesium, Glucosamine, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Biotin, Proline, Taurine, Lysine, Carnitine, B-12, B-complex, MSM, 1L Saline $ 499
  • Prenatal cocktail: Book our services for management of your pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting, as well as dehydration. 1L Saline, pyridoxine, Zofran, Vitamin C. $199.99
  • Jetlag: Changes in time zones can cause irritability, headaches, sleep deprivation. Help overcome these symptoms and go on with your business. 1000ml saline, vitamin B complex, Pain relief, multivitamin, taurine. $ 220.
  • Recharge: This cocktail is perfect if you are always on the go because of a hectic schedule. Revitalize your body and stay energetic. Make this a regular treat to yourself with our membership deal. 500ml saline, vitamin C, B12, pyridoxine. $280.
  • NAD+ therapy: Improve your metabolism with an infusion of NAD+. NAD+ improves mood, reduces cravings, improves sleep, boosts energy levels, speed up muscle and slow down the aging process. It also speeds up muscle recovery. 500 mg NAD+, 1000L Saline. $ 759
  • Die Verstärkung (Immunity Reinforcer): Build up and maintain your immunity for your good. Myer’s cocktail plus Glutathione, Zinc 500ml Saline.$175
  • The Equibalance: Keep an optimum PH balance , stay energized and healthy. The body needs a specific PH range to function optimally. An acidic PH from stress & lack of sleep can affect your entire body. Myer’s cocktail plus Vitamins C, A, E, B complex & Amino acids. $299
  • Liver health: Help maintain a healthy liver with the help of our cocktail. Detoxify your liver with this powerful cocktail. Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic acid, Acetyl cysteine, taurine, selenium, 500ml Saline. $149.
  • High dose Vitamin C drip: Helps with healing and prevention of upper respiratory infections/colds as well as alternative therapy for oncology patients. 1000ml saline, 15,000mg(15mg) Vitamin C.$280


  • Food poisoning. Helps alleviate nausea and replenishes electrolytes lost from diarrhea and vomiting. 1000ml Saline, Vitamin C, A, B complex, D, E Niacinamide & Zofran.$199.
  • Gastroenteritis (Stomach flu): Helps improve the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. 1000ml saline, multivitamin (A, C, B complex, D,) Zofran,Bentyl injection, pepcid.$220.
  • Migraine headaches: Let us help in reducing your migraine symptoms like light sensitivity, nausea, and pain. 500ml Saline, Pain relief, Compazine, Benadryl. $299.
  • Fatigue and exhaustion: Feeling drained and exhausted can decrease your performance both at work and privately. Replenish and revitalize your body. 1000ml saline, B complex vitamins, taurine, caffeine. Vitamin C. $299
  • Flu like symptoms: Body & muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches.1000ml saline, Double dose vitamin C. Vitamin A, B1, B6,D, E, and Niacinamide,zinc, Pain relief, zofran.$325.
  • Motion Sickness: Get relief from sea sickness/motion sickness symptoms like vertigo, fatigue, inability to concentrate, irritability nausea & vomiting. 1000ml Saline, Antivert, vitamin C, B6, taurine. $199
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory infusion: This infusion will help chelate the free radicals and reduce inflammatory cytokines. 500ml saline, vitamins A, C, E, B12, B complex, glutathione. $ 299.


  • Electro hydration: Helps replenish electrolytes and keeps you hydrated. Keep up with your training and avoid sluggishness, muscle cramps/spasms through IV electrohydration for faster replenishment directly into your circulatory system.1000 ml Saline, selenium, magnesium, calcium, Amino acids.$149
  • Workout Boost: Supplement your immunity, metabolism, hydration, build muscle and help muscle recovery. Best for high-performance athletes. Perfect before and after your workouts. Can be customized to fit your needs. Glutamine, L-arginine, Lysine, Citrulline, Carnitine magnesium, calcium , 1000ml saline. $250


  • Skinjuvenation: Keep it youthful and feel confident.500ml saline, Vitamins C, A, E, and selenium, glutathione.$270.
  • 360 Skinjuvenation plus: Improve your body’s immunity while reducing oxidative stress, improve psoriasis, acne, rosacea, pigmentation problems, improve your skin complexion with antiaging benefits. Also decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. Glutathione, Vitamin C, selenium, Glutamine, Zinc, L-carnitine, Alpha lipoic acid, methylsulfonylmethane( MSM), Biotin, Magnesium, B12, B-complex, Lysine & proline in 1L saline.$310
  • Weight watcher: Boost your metabolism and lose weight. 500ml saline, methionine, inositol, choline HCL, riboflavin, thiamine HCL, dexpanthenol, pyridoxine HCL, methyl cobalamin, Niacin, carnitine. $345.
  • Hair, Skin, Nail Support: Keep your hair and nails healthy. 500ml saline, Biotin, glutathione, Vitamins C, A, D, Riboflavin, B12. $220.

Boost your Vitamins with Our ADD Ons

Additional saline

  • 500ml NS $65
  • 1000ml saline $99
  • AMPED( taurine + caffeine) $105
  • Vitamin B- complex $60
  • Vitamin B12 $58
  • Banana bag (multi-vitamin) $ 70
  • 250 mg Vitamin C + 800 mg glutathione $ 100
  • Biotin $60
  • Glutathione $60
  • Modified Myer’s complex $ 120
  • Taurine $ 60
  • Glucosamine $90
  • Glutamine $75
  • Proline $75
  • Lysine $75
  • Pyridoxine(B6) $70
  • B complex $70
  • Magnesium $60

High dose Vitamin C

  • 15mg $99
  • 25mg $125.
  • 50mg $250
  • NAD+ 500mg $600
  • NAD+250mg $300
  • Toradol $99
  • Zofran $75
  • Zinc $70
  • Iron $65/ml up to 3ml (We also offer Iron infusions up to 300mg available with Recent labs ONLY)


  • Vitamin (B12) $25
  • Biotin $60
  • Pyridoxine (B6) $60
  • Lipo B $30
  • Vitamin D $30
  • MICC $45